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What happens if someone else also refers the applicant?

To avoid any doubt when there is more than one referee, we will pay the referral that leads directly to the placement.

What is the process for making a referral

Complete the form on our
Contact Us page as soon as you can to log the details of your referral on our website.  If the referral leads to a placement you will be advised by one of our team. 

When do I get paid?

Payment of referral fees are made on a quarterly basis and only after the candidate has completed their 13 weeks employment.  You will be paid at the next quarter date following the completion of the 13 weeks of employment.

Terms & conditions

The terms & conditions are as noted above but may change from time to time.  In addition to the above Orka Financial Ltd retain the right to terminate or alter the Terms & Conditions of the referral scheme without any requirement to notify any of the other parties involved.

Refer a Finance & Accounting professional through our Referral Scheme and you could receive £250.

We believe that good people know good people and referrals are a very important part of our business.  If you know someone looking for work who would be suitable, with their permission, you can refer them to Orka Financial.  Simply submit their CV through to us via the form on the
Contact Us page and make sure that you state that you are referring them.

How does the scheme work?

You refer a Finance & Accounting professional’s CV via our online form. If the CV that you refer leads directly to a permanent placement you will be eligible to receive £250 in vouchers.

This only applies providing:

  • The person you refer is not already known to Orka Financial/on the Orka Financial database
  • The person you refer gains permanent employment via Orka Financial
  • The person you refer stays in the permanent role for more than 13 weeks

Is there a limit to the number of referrals?

No, we are happy for you to keep on recommending as many applicants as you can.  One fee applies per referral.

Important information to note

Please note we only pay referrals that lead directly to employment. For example: if someone you referred 12 months ago applies to one of our recent job adverts and then gains employment we would NOT pay a referral.  In this case the advert led to the employment and not the referral.